Adventures of Durga, Messenger of the Drum Story by Liz Broscoe


A children’s book

Delivering messages of hopeful human spirit, this modern day myth takes you on the adventures of a playful, insightful drummer named Durga and her faithful flying tiger Cyrus.

Using the drum as a vehicle, Durga teaches six culturally diverse children from around the globe how to overcome adversity and reconnect with family and community.

Follow Durga and Cyrus on an entertaining and educational journey of the drum as they forge a new world rhythm-traveling the world to change the world.

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Praise for Adventures of Durga

“As a teacher, I look for those deeper meanings embedded in rich literature, history and story – this book has all three. Adventures of Durga is a powerful invitation for young children to explore beyond their own culture and environment. Durga’s tale offers sincere lessons in the connectedness of human beings across the world. While reading Durga to my class, it sparked discussions about culture, music, the history of drumming, the history of our country and how each person has many gifts to share. Adventures of Durga is a journey that invites us to join in and become an active member of the human race. It is an inspired gift to both young and old.”
– Claudia Bertolone-Smith, Minden Elementary School, 5/6 Grade Teacher

“Broscoe’s children’s book, Adventures of Durga, is a vivid and engaging myth with modern day adages. Durga has rich life-lessons for both kids and adults, making the story more compelling and important. Readers learn that drums, music and rhythm are not only nice additions to a culture but essential to its health and vitality. They also learn that sometimes in life one will rediscover a passion or come across a new one in order to bring things back into balance. Lessons such as these are all facilitated through the use of the drum. Broscoe is onto something here. She understands that in a money-rich culture such as ours, our spirits sometimes become sick or sad or lonely. Things sold in magazines cannot fill this void, but sometimes we are lucky, something such as the rhythm and movement of our own bodies; and our own hands hitting and banging can bring us back to ourselves and add beauty to the world. As an educator, I am happy to know this children’s book is available to read to my students. I love Broscoe for having the guts to write it.”
– Marlene Moyer, Minden Elementary School, 5/6 Grade Teacher

“In Adventures of Durga – Messenger of the Drum, author Liz Broscoe brings to life the history of drumming within different cultures throughout the world. Using her own knowledge as an accomplished drummer, Ms. Broscoe weaves delightful stories around particular children in various places. Her artful tales of individual drummers not only captivate young readers but also lead to a growing understanding of similarities among all people everywhere. It is a wonderful and inspiring story, full of charm and energy.”
– Penelope Lynne, Retired Teacher

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