Drumchik Special Edition Drum

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Proudly featuring the “Drumchik” Signature Series Djembe Drum superbly made by Matt Hardwick, creator and owner of Drumskull Drums in Santa Cruz, CA

The “Liz Broscoe, drumchik drum” is the perfect gift for your upcoming drummer or special person.

Working together with Hardwick, Broscoe wanted to design a high quality drum with a mid-range sale price that would not only more than satisfy any of her first time students needs, but also any drummer looking to up-grade from a commercial drum.

Hardwick’s long time professional relationships in Africa allow him to secure the finest shells and heads available for construction of these drums.

“Matt is one of the premier drum makers in the business with his unmatched attention to detail and artistic creativity. The craftsmanship, sound quality, feel and appearance of Drumskull Drums is truly one of a kind,”

Liz Broscoe

Contact Liz Broscoe for more info on performances, drumming workshops and any of the other drumming services offered by Drumchik.