Rhythm 2 Recovery Workshop, Philadelphia PA, April 1 & 2 2017

Rhythm 2 Recovery Workshop, Philadelphia PA, April 1 & 2 2017

I am blessed to be on a rhythmical journey for the benefit of others as well as myself (always learning and growing 🙂  However, sometimes it’s challenging and uncomfotable to be in front of a room of people with such different skill sets.

I have just returned from Philadelphia where I attended a workshop called, “Rhythm 2 Recovery” (R2R) facilitated by Simon Faulkner.  I first met Simon in Florida four years ago. I attended his first US drumming program, “DRUMBEAT” (Discovering Relationships Using Music, Behavior, Emotions, Attitudes and Thoughts”. I have been an accredited facilitator of “DRUMBEAT” since my training and have delivered the program many times in addition to my own program, “Drumming Forward – One Beat at a Time” designed for the Juvenile Justice System. Both of Simon’s programs are amazing, inspiring, creative and purposeful – And so is Simon!

R2R is designed to help you become more creative within what you already do as a teacher, counselor, therapist, facilitator, youth worker etc….  One of the aspects of the workshop this weekend was bridging life skills with a cohesive drum circle. The circle always for me breaks down any discomfort that I may walk in the door with. Whom ever you work with, it’s a very flexible therapeutic based drumming program designed to bring fun and purpose into any setting.  Simon’s work continues to show me how I can use my musical skill set to make the lives of others better through rhythm.

Drum set is my first love and always will be – there is nothing like smacken’ a back beat in a Funk Band!  But, as I continue to grow as a Teaching Artist and Facilitator of “Theme Based” Drum Circles, I am humbled by the rewards of helping others experience personal growth through Drumming!!

More on this type of work to come and my adventures within it.



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