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Youth Empowerment – “Drumming Forward – One Beat At A Time”

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“Drumming Forward – One Beat At A Time” is a youth empowerment drumming program designed to encourage personal growth through self-reflection and relationship building. The program combines Liz’s 30 years of professional knowledge and experience of the benefits of drumming with the relationship to neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness practices, and life design development.  The five effective components of social and emotional learning are integrated into each session: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision Making.

The drum circle creates a fun, hip and safe environment that usually results in social engagement among the youth participants. Through drumming and discussion, attention is drawn to recognizing the similar skill sets needed for creating a successful and cohesive drum circle and creating a successful life. Young people learn that the lessons presented within the drum circle can be transferred to their own lives.

“Drumming Forward – One Beat At A Time” has been delivered in schools and Juvenile Treatment Centers. The following are responses from youth, staff and volunteers who participated in the Drumming Forward Program at the South Lake Tahoe Juvenile Treatment Center in 2016.

“Heart opening and physical all at the same time. A great program for those with addiction or family issues. It opens a path for those who have strayed.”

– Juvenile Treatment Center Staff

“A winner is a failure that never gives up. But when I drum I feel like a winner that is learning from my mistakes that has overachieved greater than far above basic.”

-Youth Age 18

“First, I would love to thank you. This has helped me to get through this hard time and makes me feel happy. One thing is has taught me is not matter what things can always be better. And when my time is up I want to help others who are going through hard times in their lives. Thank you!”

-Youth Age 18

“I like the team work we use in drumming. I also like the journal exercises we do.”

-Youth Age 17

“Drumming has opened up many opportunities for me. It allows me to get away from my life for just enough time to be myself. It’s really great being able to express myself through music. It keeps me going through the week.”

-Youth Age 17

“Watching the youth as they explore their thoughts and express themselves through drumming has been nothing but wonderful. I have watched as their moods are elevated, their ability to communicate is enhanced, and they truly have been working as a team. The program has provided powerful and positive energy for these youth.

-Juvenile Service Council Volunteer

Children’s Educational Programs

The descriptions of all programs listed below are general outlines. Any of my programs can be tailored specifically to your desired focus, time frame, number of students and budget. Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Drums, Rhythm & Culture (Outreach Artist in Residency)

In a classroom setting, I can present up to 4 different 30-45 minute rhythmic lessons, depending on the grade level. Each lesson introduces a new culture and drum while giving further understanding of rhythm and pulse. Language skills relating syllables to rhythm and note values correlating rhythmic subdivisions of beat to mathematics are emphasized. A class size of 25 students or less is recommended, allowing for individual participation on the instruments.

“Miss Liz did a fabulous job! My students and I learned so much more than just beating the drums. I would love to see the Drums, Rhythm & Culture program continue throughout all our schools.”

Stacy Hembree, Kindergarten teacher, Lake Tahoe Environmental Science Magnet School

Journey of the Drum(Large Assembly Educational Performance Program)

This 30-45 minute program tailored according to ages attending (K-12), aims to engage, educate, inspire and entertain young audiences. Through performance and narration, “Journey of the Drum,” touches on the history of drumming, different cultures, geography, science and music. When appropriate, I address current social issues that influence a lack of connection within community. The drum is a natural vehicle for presenting this information; having been used for centuries to create community and connection.

“Liz is an amazing, energetic and extremely talented artist. Her programs offer education, exciting entertainment and remarkable diversity for all ages”.
– Peggy Thompson, Executive Director, Tahoe Arts Project

“As a music educator of 35 years, I found Liz Broscoe and her “Journey of the Drum” presentation to be engaging, informative, entertaining, professional and enjoyable. Relating information to present day, Liz is in-tune with the students and the quality of her musicianship is amazing. I hope she is enjoyed by many more young audiences. She has a lot to offer”.
– Linda Kurek, Music Teacher, South Lake Tahoe School District

“Ms. Broscoe’s music was so contagious that the students were tapping their feet, clapping their hands, and smiling the entire time.”
– Pam Kellogg, 5th grade teacher, Redding School of the Arts

Author Presentation

Using my children’s book, Adventures of Durga, Messenger of the Drum, I am happy to come and share with students my creative journey as a writer and musician. My presentation can include brief performances on a few drums included in my story.

“Ms. Broscoe’s presentation is relevant to the pre-teen on many levels. She addresses the journey of a hero, the writing process of a new author, and the courage it takes to follow your dreams. Liz weaves magic with her drumming and storytelling. Our sixth graders loved her presentation.”
– Claudia Bertolone-Smith, Teacher, Minden Elementary School

“Liz Broscoe’s presentation to our 11-12 year old students reinforced the concept of Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. She spoke honestly and passionately about the writing process and her inspirations. Our students had many opportunities to connect to her work and be inspired. Liz Broscoe and Durga are both on a Hero’s Journey. They are unlikely characters doing important things.”
– Marlene Moyer, Teacher, Minden Elementary School

Contact Liz Broscoe for more info on performances, drumming workshops and any of the other drumming services offered by Drumchik.