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Drumchik Classes & Workshops

I teach traditional African rhythms on the West African Djembe and Dunun drums. I’m honored to have been taught by Guinean Master drummers Mamady Keita, Famoudou Konate, Bolokada Conde and others.

Using a combination of African oral translation with my own Western music training and experience, my teaching style is unique, user friendly, fun and very accessible to all participants from novice to experienced.

A typical class or workshop includes:

  • Simple fun warm-ups for developing skills and technique
  • Working with West African rhythms and their many layered parts
  • Discussion and practice of “Downbeat”
  • Putting it all together “Synergistically”
  • Discussion of cultural and historical significance

“You have a true gift for teaching in a way that is tangible to your students. I would encourage anyone with the slightest interest in playing the Djembe or Dunduns to call up your expertise.”


Classes are generally 1.5 hrs in length and are scheduled in 6-8 week series. I do have drums available to rent for the series. I have been offering classes in south Reno since 2003.

One time workshops are generally 2-3 hrs. I bring the drums and you provide the chairs and a space for the drum circle to be created.

Please contact me for more information regarding my Reno classes or a possible workshop.

Women’s Empowerment or Mother & Daughter Workshop

Before the drum was created in Africa, women created rhythms while working to pass the time more joyfully. Come and experience this joy of drumming and acknowledge your primordial rhythmic roots. In this workshop I will teach the fundamental techniques of West African Djembe and Dunnun drums, while presenting the history and culture behind the original meaning and purpose of ancient women drumming throughout the world.

A Typical Workshop lasts three hours. Women ages 13 years and up welcome. And I’m always happy to include a wellness component with this workshop. Please visit my Wellness page. (link)


I offer my own one and two day retreats in the late summer. My offerings can also be a nice addition to other retreats. Experience this beautiful and comfortable setting on the river in Truckee, CA. Friday dinner, Saturday and Sunday lunch is provided featuring yummy home grown organic food.

I typically include a wellness component with this workshop. Please visit my Wellness page.

“I have rhythms echoing through me. Truly an inspiring weekend, Liz – perfect workshop.”

– Janet

“I’m so grateful to have been able to surround myself with such beautiful women, in such a lovely setting with such yummy food. Liz, You rock!”

– MaryAnn

“I thought it very instructive to go through your book helping us to better understand its’ organization and value of its’ lessons. I learned a lot from the call-and-response method of teaching. The Wellness piece at the end of the day was a wonderful way to quiet down and reflect.”

– Margie


Working with university level percussion students, I present a unique and very challenging three step approach to incorporating traditional West African Dunun rhythms on the drum set. This creative program will complement any music or world music curriculum.

“Thanks for the great West African drumming workshop you presented to students in the UNR Percussion studio. The background information on the drums as well as the cultural insights regarding the music and its function in society was especially interesting. You also did a phenomenal job balancing this information with plenty of “hands on” drumming fun! Your method of demonstrating and teaching the various beats worked extremely well with the university students and I know they gained a lot from this session. I also liked how you pointed out the value of practicing and internalizing these West African rhythms and how they can enhance a jazz drummer’s vocabulary and, in general, improve a musician’s time and groove.

-Andrew Heglund, Associate Professor, Department of Music at University of Nevada, Reno

Contact Liz Broscoe for more info on performances, drumming workshops and any of the other drumming services offered by Drumchik.