Drumchik Wellness Workshops

“The vibration of the singing bowls and your drumming touched me to the core. I thank you for your help! You have touched my life in a way that I will be forever grateful.”

– Terry


Current research shows that focused specialized group drumming provides many health, wellness and therapeutic benefits. Experiencing steady, rhythmic drumming improves cognitive brain function, increases cancer fighting white blood cells in the immune system, decreases stress, blood pressure and pain while producing feelings of well-being by doubling alpha brain activity. Alpha brain waves produce feelings of euphoria.

Drumming is a “Whole Brain” activity that provides the rare experience of activating both sides of the brain simultaneously. This phenomenon called, Hemispheric Synchronization, balances the right and left brain hemispheres resulting in a calm and soothing brain wave state that can expand heightened awareness and creativity. Ancient Native American drummer’s referred to this state as “The Awakened Mind.”

Consequently, studies show that drumming can benefit people dealing with Cancer, Parkinson’s, stroke, hypertension, anxiety, fatigue, stress and many other conditions.

Wellness Drum Circles

I love to facilitate Wellness Drum Circles of any kind. I can enhance the experience by including a guided meditation using singing crystal bowls and the “Hang” instrument, AKA: “Handpan Drum.”

Wellness Speaking Engagements

Either alone or in combination with a drum circle and/or a powerful performance from my group, “Dea Drum & Dance.”

Half or full day workshops are available. Drums provided. You provide the chairs and a space for the drum circle to be created. No prior experience needed.

Please contact me for more information.

Contact Liz Broscoe for more info on performances, drumming workshops and any of the other drumming services offered by Drumchik.